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Passion And a Plan

Against Out-of-Control Growth
Take actions to Limit the excessive suburban sprawl of track homes that threatens the landscape and culture of our rural community. Everyone has grown tired of seeing the seemingly endless new neighborhoods, particularly those neighborhoods that encroach beyond the city and into our agricultural spaces. The so-called "smart growth" that this county has been experiencing, is anything but. Rather, it is unrestrained growth that beyond dramatically altering the culture of our community, it is stressing our infrastructure to the point of unsustainability. San Benito County must not become a satellite town for San Jose and I plan to take every action possible to prevent that.

Protecting Our Local Businesses
Make it easier for local business to succeed. Incentivizing mom-and-pop style entrepreneurship while enabling larger businesses to open and bring in much-needed revenue for our county. Without incentvizing our residents to start local independent businesses we risk
 diminishing the uniqueness and the charm of our community. As supervisor I will be a voice for our local businesses and whenever possible I will act to protect the sanctity of our community in this regard. Additionally, it is crucial we utilize the strategic areas of our county to increase revenue via already existing tax sharing agreeements with the city. This is a crucial step towards continued solvency within our community.

Opposed to The Landfill Expansion

Plain and simply, the current proposed landfill expansion plan is absolutely the wrong decision. If the expansion goes through, it is estimated that more than 90% of the garbage brought in will be from out of county. This is a problem in and of itself. Silicon Valley is using our county as its garbage can because we allow them to do so. This is all at the expense of our residents. The environmental impact report outlined a seemingly endless amount of reasons we should not go through with the landfill expansion. The environmental concerns alone are in many cases dangerous and unmitigatable. This includes poisoning our drinking water, polluting our neighborhoods, and toxifying our ground due to inadequate containment.

The damage that will be done to our roads from these multi-ton trucks driving in and out of the county, as well as increasing amounts of litter that will result are just some of the reasons that this landfill expansion would be a fiscal disaster for our county.

Quality of Life

Roads: Fight for allocation of the funds that are already owed to us to repair our literally crumbling roads. In addition, I intend to look for new solutions for the ever-persisting problem of a budget that does not allow for even the most basic infrastructure upkeep. This includes re-orchestrating the standard of road the county currently has in place, thus enabling the county to raise impact fees of certain developers that wish to enter into the community. The county must be willing to set a criterion for developers so that they are are contributing their fair share to our infrastructure.

Crime: Although the county as a whole faces this problem, the rural areas of our county particularly, which consist greatly in District 1 are very susceptible to rising crime rates. I will work in tandem with the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office to ensure they have the tools to create a safer community. Additionally, as supervisor I will find community resources and legal recourse for compassionately, but effectively addressing the homeless population that is not abiding by our county’s rules and regulations.

My family planted their first orchards over 100 years ago in San Benito County. We have been here ever since. It is these deep roots where my passion for the betterment of this county stems from. At 26 years old, I feel compelled to get involved with the community and make a difference to the people of this county. I truly care about San Benito. I care about the people, the land, the culture. As such, I am willing to go to bat for the residents of my district. Lofty goals coupled with a keen sense of realism and dedication is the basis for the action I plan to take as district 1 county supervisor. I want to represent the interests of the residents of this district and make impactful decisions that directly benefit their lives.


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