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About Me

My family planted their first orchards over 100 years ago in San Benito County. They opened a business called "Casa de Fruta" and we have been here ever since. It is these deep roots where my passion for the betterment of this county stems from. At 26 years old, I felt compelled to get involved with the community and make a difference to the people of this county, which is why I ran for supervisor 2022. I won the race and am honored to have earned the support of the community. I truly care about San Benito. I care about the people, the land, the culture. As such, I am running for re-election in 2024 and am eager to continue going to bat for the residents of my district. I want to carry on with the work I have started and continue to make impactful decisions that directly benefit their lives.

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I see the changes taking place that are steering our county in the wrong direction. These changes are so significant that the charming and unique farm community that I grew up in has been transformed into something entirely unrecognizable. I want my future children to have the opportunity that I had: to grow up in a community that they love.

​Stopping irresponsible residential growth

Strengthening our infrastructure (roads, water, ect.)

A vision for our county that highlights our agriculture, tourism, and industry

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